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SEO Updates

Every updates on this site is based on our opinion and not always a guaranteed method to do Search Engine Optimization. Visitor agrees to due dilligance to test every update we post on this site. We do not responsible for any damage occurs on ranks and search engine result while implementing every tactics we post in this site. This is not a tutorial site, and we do not obligied to provide details in our how-to section. Visitor agrees to consume our content ‘as-is’

SEO Service

Our SEO Services is based on long-tested and proven methods that work in the past.

  • We cannot control search engine decision position.
  • We’re not affiliate with Google.
  • We don’t guarantee a specific position for keyword or phrase in Search Engine Result. However we provide service guarantee if our strategies fail to give business the agreed-upon result.
  • Due to evoling search engine algorithm, the process of ranking can take from few months to a year before showing results.
  • Ranking will fluctuate and can differs from time to time, from device to device. This is result as ranking algorithm that constantly tweak to deliver best product to customer

Client agree for due dillegence to assest our SEO Methods that post in this site

Jakarta, Feb 2018
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