RANK for CONVERSION not just for TOP 10,
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At SEOAmpuh, Our SEO Team Elaborate White Hat SEO Technique in a working marketing funnel environtment. We believe site should not only be optimize for Search Engine Bot, but more focus on deliver best User Experience that honored by Search Engine Algorithm… But yeah, we literally can rank your site for ANY Keyword.. #fingercrossed !

We’re Indonesia SEO Consulting Company with 15yrs+ of SEO Experience.
Our Team Consist of SEO Analyst, Programmer, Copywriter, and Analytics Expert !

What SEOAmpuh Offers

Search Engine Optimization offers a lot of benefit for your business, we basically split our SEO Services into 3 main area

Seo Services Indonesia 1

SEO For Top 10 Rank

Choose keywords that matters and Get your site rank in top position of Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for those keywords.

Job Included: Technical SEO Audit, Site Structuring, Content Optimization, Offsite SEO Optimization, SEO Tracking.

Add-on Value: Progressive Profiling, Marketing Automation

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Seo Services Indonesia 2

SEO for Online Reputation Management

Reputation Matters !  In a growing (and noisy) online environtment, you just can’t stop have the needs of having Online Reputation Management in your strategy. Two types of business usually take this service:

  • Business that need negative comment removed from the first page of Search Result
  • Business that would like to acquire as much listing in first page of Google Search Engine Result.

Job Included: All “SEO For Top 10 Rank” package plus other microsite required

Acquire First Page of Google

Technical SEO Audit

The techie stuff to really make your site favored by search engine while increase use experience. This include: Site Speed Audit, Broken Links, Meta Analysis, Schema Implementation.

Offsite Optimization

What makes a site reputable is when it being refer by similiar site. We will promote your site through external reputable site to assure the backlinks count as one of good ranking factor by Search Algorithm

Site Structuring (SEO Silo)

The structure of your content does impact on how search algorithm contribute some ranking factor. We applied best practices

Progressive Profiling

The method that we exclusively build to have site that communicate better to its audience, by profilling each interaction done by visitor in order to build different message or offer when they revisit the site in the future. Site should not be static

Content Strategy

The most important yet most forgotten by our Competitor is making the site to obvious build for Search Engine. That’s totally wrong approach. How you write your content should be focus on Visitor. This is where our Art of SEO begin, with 15yrs experience, we know how to write content with ‘Visitor Focused, Search Engine Honored’ approach

Marketing Automation

Leverage the power of Email Marketing with SEO. Our marketing platform not only for newsletter blast, but also to support our progressive profilling, lead scoring, event tracking, and site tracking. Consider this an automation system to nurture your visitor to become your next customer in automated way.

Beyond SEO Services

SEO Ampuh specialized in Search Optimization, but its just a piece of puzzle from a Digital Marketing Channel. Do you need more ? Here’s what our parent company, Doxa Digital and Creative Agency is for

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