This time is not about user experience nor search engine algorithm, it is clearly that Google has to abide the copyright rules and forced to work hand-in-hand with Getty Images.

Embed from Getty Images

But i personally thinks this is something good for the ecosystem, since limiting Google Images means Traffic for the source site.┬áIt is a ‘bad news’ for webmaster and content writer. But good news for website owner that has niche related with images (like wallpaper site), great news for photographer, super great news for Photo Stock Businesses like getty images.

It started early Feb 2018 when Getty Images and Google announce licensing partnership for two years. In my opinion, this is kinda a big ‘punch’ from Getty Images since they had take Google to the court of European Commission for two years. Now Google has to modifying image search to improve attribution of photographer and the source site PLUS google need to put a copyright disclaimer.

Nice Job Getty Images !